[GAMEPLAY] Basic Optimization
Some people do have a low end PC, but for me i run it on a fps its kind of playable, so here is a list of suggestions for the dev
  • - Option to disable all Visual Particles that does not affect any gameplay or changes it either.
  • - More advanced graphics settings
  • - Option to not render too far objects (memory eaters)
  • - Draw Distance ?
  • - Code Optimization

Please post any feedback or anything can help the developer optimize the game
Optimization, in computer and table-top role-playing games, is a term intended to describe a play style or set of play styles alternately referred to by the terms munchkin gaming, powergaming, min-maxing, "roll-playing", or twinking, but without the pejorative connotation of those terms. The core idea of optimization as a play style is that of deriving enjoyment from choosing and benefiting from the game mechanical options that best optimize one's character's performance for some specific purpose—most commonly, speed of power or wealth accumulation. Players who primarily enjoy this play style are called optimizers. This reflects, at least in large part, an effort by game developers and operators to recognize and validate this style of play, and to be able to discuss it and the players who enjoy it without resorting to the traditional, pejorative terms.

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