why is the version so outdated?
i see it got uploaded more than a year ago, there are pictures and videos that show the menus have been reworked, more maps, characters and abilities got added and i imagine more bugs got fixed. 

Keeping the version up to date will certainly attract more people, even with a price on it the playerbase will get bigger, many games on steam sell while being on alpha, why not you?

i just played 2 1v1s in a row as hunter only to realize that thanks to a bug (that according to the dev has been fixed) i wouldnt hear heartbeats, yeah it was really annoying

so that is the question, why dont you guys update the version, free or not it will most defintely be better than this current situation


EDIT: after 2-4 games really weird things start happening like all sounds get completely muted, being a soul and listening to another souls heartbeat next to me or being hunter and listening to heartbeat without the ability being active

(i posted on steam as well)
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Hey Doodi ( I saw you on the Japanese server right? Smile )    

The reason why the game is so outdated is because the alpha version was purely for us to see if we would have an audience for this.

After seeing the positive feedback we went on to Steam Greenlight and got greenlit! Because of this we were working on SoulHunt to release it as a Early Access on Steam and would let the free alpha version that is online be as it is.

It's not on Steam yet is because of a few reasons:
  • We are a team of two people and working on this after our work hours. 
  • The game as it was was not in the state yet to be able to release it, even as an Early access!
  • It will come soon, soooon!
That's the reason why everything is like it is right now. Hope it answered your question!
hey yeah we spoke in game (im Bones in game and MrN0b0di on steam)

thanks for the detailed answer, i only hope you guys wont give up Smile
Thanks for keeping up! Big Grin
Team of 3* lol
Haha how did I forget our tester that breaks everything! Big Grin

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